Shrubs for Descanso Gardens


Shrubs are organized by size (shortest to tallest). 

To find what you need for your garden site: search this list by size. Click on the common name for descriptions, pictures and more information about the plant.

Image Common Name Height Months in Bloom Features
Photo of lavender blossoms Lavender Up to three feet April-October Drought resistant
No Photo Available Caryopterus Up to three feet August-September Drought resistant
Deer and Rabbits don't like it
Butterflies do
No Photo available Cape Figwort Up to five feet Early spring through frost Hummingbird favorite
[Copyright by Tina Ludeman] Rockrose Up to four feet Early summer Drought resistant
[Copyright by Carole Dearman] Pomegranate Up to five feet Spring .
[Copyright by Tina Ludeman] Red Hot Poker Up to five feet August-Frost Attracts hummingbirds
Deer and rabbits ignore it
[Copyright by Carole Dearman] Honeysuckle Climbs on fences, arbors Summer Attracts hummingbirds
[Copyright by Heather Reed] Flowering Quince Up to eight feet Spring Fruit can be used in jellies
[Copyright by Carole Dearman] Butterfly bush Up to ten feet Spring Definitely a butterfly magnet!
No Photo available Bottlebrush Up to twelve feet Summer Attracts bees
[Picture not available] California Lilac Up to twelve feet Spring .
No Photo available Lilac Up to 22 feet Spring Local 'passalong' plant


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