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Descanso Garden Club

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Resources Recommended by Descanso gardeners- select one of the following pages:

Image of pink rose Look at a list of plant and supply vendors recommended by club members.

Review a schedule of gardening tasks that has been edited by one of our own club members to suit our gardening situation.

San Diego County web page of brochures on mosquitos and other disease transmitting pests that you should not grow in your garden!

San Diego County web page of links to garden topics such as pest control, Farm and Home Advisor Healthy Gardens, Fire Protection and the like.

San Diego County watershed protection information about pesticides,fertilizers and other information we use in our gardens that could impact our environment.

Ask a general gardening question from the Descanso Gardener.

Ask a question about vegetable gardening from the Vegetable Gardener.

Ask the Orchid Lady about growing or selecting orchids.

Ask a question by email; then look on our blog: Go to blog in a few days for your answer.

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