Lilies for Descanso Gardens

Lily (Lilium ) is a tall fragrant perennial growing from a bulb. It blooms mid-summer depending on planting date and type (Oriental Lilies bloom after the Asiatic.) Blossoms are in all shades except blue. Plants form large bulbs if happy in the location. They can be grown in containers, and make excellent cut flowers. They are dormant in winter, and are fairly hardy when left in the ground. Squirrels, gophers, mice, rabbits and deer make a beeline for them, so plant them in cages. Even the birds will sometimes make holes in the buds. Their blooms are worth all the trouble! Hummingbirds love them.
Lilies are classified into nine divisions, each of which may have special considerations for the collector. Follow the links on the American Lily Society (shown below) web site to learn more about these.

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[Copyright by Carole Dearman, Jun,2002] [Copyright by Carole Dearman, Jun,2002]
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