Lavender for Descanso Gardens

Lavender (Lavendula) is an evergreen shrub that grows up to three feet tall. It originates from dry, sunny esposed and rocky habitats from the Mediterranean through North Africa to SW Asia and India. Several species are available. Locally, the most commonly found are Lavender Stoechas and Lavender Angustifolia (pictures shown below). This plant works well as a low hedge or edging, or in a shrub border. It may be planted around Oak trees if seldom watered and is attractive to bees. All lavenders are cleanly scented and sachets made from the blossoms, or bundles of dried flower stalks have been used since the Middle Ages to keep cloth fresh in storage.
Ruth says: 'Lavenders do ok in containers, but if it's too wet or too cold, I lose them.'

[Copyright by Carole Dearman Apr,2002] [Copyright by Tina Ludeman Nov,2007]

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