Morning Glories for Descanso Gardens

Morning Glories (Convolvulus, Ipomoea) are climbing annuals, which is mostly grown on fences or arbors. Our milder winters don't kill them. The colorful blooms appear every morning all summer long. They are showy in cottage or old-fashioned gardens, and do a lovely job of hiding wire fences. They do reseed and can be invasive. Morning Glories attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Seeds are poisonous.

Convolvulus is a close relative of Ipomoea and in the same family. It can be treated the same as other morning glories.

[Copyright by Carole Dearman Jun,2002] [Copyright by Carole Dearman Jun,2002] [Copyright by Carole Dearman Jun,2002]

Convolvulus 'Blue Ensign'

[Copyright by Tina Ludeman Nov,2007]

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