Eric’s Formal Garden


Photo of vegetable garden
This Descanso garden located near the tractor museum feeds Eric's family of four.  Notice the practical wire fence. The openings are large enough to admit small garden rodents, and squirrels can climb this type of wire. These pests are kept out by electric wire strung at the top and bottom.

Photo of vegetable garden

Photo of vegetable garden

The width of each row is determined by the plants in the row. Notice that Eric likes his beans climbing a trellis and that taller plants are planted to provide a bit of shade for the plants that do better with it. 

Photo of vegetable garden

Some of the taller plants are lined up beside the fence for support.





Photo of corn with tassels

Eric’s corn is planted in a big block and the wind is able to germinate the ears easily. If you look closely, you can see that some strands of the silk are still attached to the individual kernels they pollinated. Did you know that raw corn is very sweet and tasty straight from the garden?

Photo of vegetable garden

The design of a garden reflects the owner’s preference.   This one is very orderly, lined out with straight rows and measured distances between plants.

Photo of vegetable garden Photo of vegetable garden

Photo of vegetable garden Photo of vegetable garden

String Beans are easy to grow and are tasty when cooked or when eaten raw. 

Photo of red pepper                   Photo of yellow pepper

Eric’s family loves peppers, so he grows several kinds. 

Photo of bell pepper

Photo of cilantro

        Most gardeners grow cooking herbs in the garden, too. Cilantro is one that gets bitter as flowers form, so you need to plant seeds several times during the season.  

Photo of zucchini  Photo of tomato

Almost every gardener grows zucchini, because they get really big and you can brag about them!  If you grow your own tomatoes, it’s difficult to ever like the store-bought ones again.

Photo of bee in squash blossom       

All gardeners encourage honeybees.  They are the main pollinator for most garden plants.

Photo of yard art

If you keep your eyes open,
you can find amazing wildlife in the garden.